Commonly addressed issues:

  1. -  Newborn - Difficult Birth, Colic                    -   Adult Wellness - Emotional Healing 

  1. - Brain and Head Injuries                              -   TMJ, Teeth Grinding

  1. -  Kids - Boosting Immunity                           -   Cancer recovery

  1. -  Adrenal Fatigue, Exhaustion                        -  Weakened immunity

  1. -  Divorce, emotional trauma                          -  Sport Injuries, Whiplash






comprehensive energy

healing, functional

medicine & emotional

healing for all ages



Call us about home visits for

mom and baby!

My name is Jenny Pao and I am here to 
remind you and your body how easy it is 
to be well. The biochemistry of the body 
is infinitely complex ; good health is not.
Please call or email me with any questions.